• What is a Food Tour?

    Food Tours are Fun!

    What is a food tour:
    “A food tasting tour is a fun, culinary adventure and a cultural outing where food enthusiasts get to engage in sampling the signature dishes of some of the best local eateries in Austin while learning interesting and unique facts about their city.”

    What is a food tour?


    Food Tours are led by a local tour guide who will show you the local cuisine in real-life contexts...

    Food tours are led by local guides who take you to a variety of locations, from award-winning restaurants, markets, and bakeries to pubs and exclusive cocktail lounges. At each of the stops, you’ll try a small dish or beverage and learn how it fits into the city’s culture.


    You’ll also be told fascinating stories about the neighborhood along the way to give you a deeper understanding of what you’re tasting and the local way of life. Food tours are unique because they give you the chance to sample a variety of local foods in an authentic setting.


    It’s like visiting a friend who is showing you their favorite spots in town!


    Imagine you’ve gone to visit a friend who is showing you around the city.
    It’s likely they’ll take you to their favorite places where everyone heads to after work. They may even introduce you to other locals or share interesting stories about some of the sights you pass along the way. That’s the role of a great tour guide!

    A great tour guide is a storyteller of their city!

    Most of them are fully qualified and experienced foodie evangelists, but more importantly, they are also locals themselves who can share insides secrets based on their own experiences. The food tour guides will give you handy tips on how you can enjoy a more authentic experience during the rest of your stay.


    Food tours are fun and exciting!


    To find Food Tours, Google the name of the city then the keywords, Food Tours!


    We recommend you book a food tour for the beginning of your trip so you can make use of the local knowledge you have learned, and even return to any of the delicious restaurants that you particularly loved before you leave.

    You’ll leave with local tips and memories that will last forever!


    Take a group, family, and friends on a food tour to make it a great adventure!


    What is a food tour?

    “Food tour operators are actually curating four tours in one: history, culture, architecture, and food. The food sells the experience up front, and customers will have high expectations for the variety, quality, and quantity of food. The massive opportunity, therefore, is hidden in customers’ low expectations regarding anything else. It’s important to wow clients with a deep commitment to explaining what makes your community unique when viewed from historical, architectural, and cultural perspectives—and provide exceptional commentary in these areas.”

    — Shane Kost, Executive Director of the Global Food Tourism Association and CEO of Chicago Food Planet


    “It’s all about marrying food and drink experiences with whatever place you’re in. Food is a way to make everything—architecture, history, sports, whatever—better. Unlike other tourism experiences, it uses all five senses, which means the experience is more likely to create a long-lasting memory. You want to make sure you’re telling stories through the experiences, not just eating.”

    — Agatha Podgorski, Culinary Tourism Alliance