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    A food tour, or culinary tour, is a professionally guided tour of the local food and beverage scene. Food tours are designed to introduce you to the history and traditions of a people through their food culture. They can be a great way to get a taste for local ingredients, as well as to learn the history and culture of the region.

    Austin Food tours involve walking around a neighborhood, going into shops and restaurants to try various foods, and hearing both about the foods themselves and how they fit into the city's culture. They are often a smaller group of people, but also tend to cost more.

    Food tours can include food and beverage tastings related to a theme. They can also be thought of as "pub crawls for restaurants".

    The nature and duration of the tour will vary.



    Austin, Texas has many famous restaurants, including places for fried chicken, Mexican food, and American food:






    Austin, Texas has a vibrant food scene with many dining options. National restaurant review guide Zagat ranked Austin as the second most exciting food city in the United States, behind only Los Angeles. Austin is also ranked number 10 in the overall report for best cities in the United States for food.

    Austin has many great dining spots, including places for breakfast tacos, Tex-Mex, Latin American and Interior Mexican cuisine, and more. Some say Austin blends old school Texas flavors with a modern spin.

    Austin also has a lot of food trucks, which may be due to the year-round warm weather that allows for outdoor patios and a symbiotic relationship between bars and food trucks.


    Here are some reasons why there are so many food trucks in Austin, Texas:

    • The year-round warm weather in Austin encourages outdoor dining and patios, which can foster a symbiotic relationship between bars and food trucks
    • Austin is known for its vibrant and diverse food scene, and the food truck community is at the heart of it
    • Food trucks offer a unique dining experience that's both convenient and affordable
    • Food trucks flourished during the pandemic because people were stuck at home and tired of cooking
    • Officials estimate that there are more than 1,200 mobile food vendors in Austin
    • Food trucks have lower overhead costs than traditional restaurants because they don't require a building, furniture, or décor
    • Food trucks can take advantage of social media and technology to increase their efficiency

    According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Food Truck Nation study, Austin is the seventh most food truck–friendly city in the country.





    5 Star Reviews

    “I just finished the San Jacinto Street food tour. What a great time! We went to 5 different restaurants and tasted all the different cuisines from the best Austin restaurants. Our guide, Anna, was fun to be with and she had great stories about all of the restaurants we visited. The food was excellent at each stop. I am a Travel Consultant and plan to recommend this tour to all of my clients who visit Austin. You have to do this tour when visiting Austin!” – Pam

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